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The billion-dollar acquisition of our Car Rental creates new power relations in the highly competitive market for car rental. We will rise to become the fourth largest car rental company in the country. This could have an impact on Market. Some 1.3 billion dollars can be the acquisition of our car rental cost to expand his international presence. With approximately 10000 rental locations on eight continents, sometimes less is more! Instead of a day in the car on his voyage of discovery, families should always insert a relaxing day at the beach or in the hotel complex. So the car rental holiday for the whole family not only exciting, but also a relaxing experience.

in India, all known rental companies are represented and generally open to the airports, ports and major towns throughout the year. Advance reservations can be made ​​directly online or by phone at the Metro Cars agencies. But if you are traveling with a tour operator, you should find out before him at the cheapest rates for rental cars. Who wants to locate on your own car rental in India, this should do the rental car price comparison. Ideally, of course, if the entire family has decided to tour together, or the journey to a destination is, not only for adults but also for the little interesting - be it a water park where they can admire fish, a beach with excellent play facilities or a museum, which offers fun activities for children.